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Who we are

Alignment Laser Services is a Perth based company established in 2000 dedicated to providing clients across South Western Australia with uncompromising industrial machinery alignment services. Our team is made up of highly experienced specialists, with our director having over 35 years of experience in industrial engineering. Our experience includes working closely with clients operating remote mining operations and rural industrial complexes, in our commitment to providing our clients with efficient alignment solutions.

What we do

Using the latest and most advanced technology from industry leaders, our Pruftechnik Rotalign Ultra is considered the gold standard in industrial alignment technology. Our team is proud to provide a range of economical and competitively priced services including laser shaft and coupling alignment to ensure your equipment is running at peak efficiency, whilst reducing operational costs and increasing longevity of industrial machinery. With sensitivity in thousandths of a millimetre and detailed reports, our team offers a comprehensive range of industrial machinery alignment services for a broad range of industries, including mining, manufacturing and much more. Get in touch with the team from Alignment Laser Services today on 0409 531 905 to find out how professional, well executed industrial machinery alignment can make a huge difference to you equipment and your business.

What separates us

With an unwavering commitment to providing world class services, here at Alignment Laser Services we have an enormous list of satisfied customers from a broad range of industries, chosen time and time again for our commitment to safety and accuracy in jobs both big and small. It is our goal to have you up and running again with the minimum of downtime, while increasing efficiency. Find out the difference proper equipment calibration and alignment can make to your business, call the team from Alignment Laser Services today on 0409 531 905.